Steve Sawyer, 1956-2019

A place to share memories of an unforgettable colleague and friend

“A man is not dead while his name is still spoken”

— Terry Pratchett

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Steve passed away July 31st, 2019, of a sudden and aggressive lung cancer.

We are gathering stories to celebrate his extraordinary life – simply leave a comment below, and do remember to either log in or sign your comment with your name.

In keeping with Steve’s values, the family would prefer that money spent on flowers be put to better use by supporting young activists working for a safe climate and clean energy future. Donations can be made by following the instructions here.

Obituaries in the press:

The New York Times
The Times (London)
The Economist
The Washington Post
The Monadnock Ledger
Renato Redentor Constantino
Greenpeace International

From the Antrim, New Hampshire memorial:

Songs Steve Sawyer loved – a playlist
Winslow (Tom) Sawyer speaks about growing up with Steve
John Cascino reads a remembrance from Peter Lamb

From the Amsterdam memorial:

Recording of the Livestream (Adobe Flash required)
Andy Stirling Tribute
eter Bahouth Tribute
Tribute Video

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